For me, the law of circulation means that as I give myself to the world, the world replenishes me so that I have more to give. Generosity is so much more than just financial – the willingness to give of myself and my emotions has been acknowledged and appreciated in such a way that I am truly inspired to give more of myself.

Over the last week or so, I have been fortunate to meet with people who have allowed me to practice the law of circulation. I met with Kirby Sewell of the Kirby Sewell Band, and we had a few long discussions and filmed a FB video blog he calls Mercury Rising. During the process of determining what we were going to discuss, I got some clarity around ideas that were dancing around in my subconscious, but hadn’t yet been clarified for me in the light of day. The first of these blogs was published on May 20, and it received over 1000 views in its first day. What a wonderful confirmation that people are interested in my story, and take inspiration from hearing about it. My vision throughout my presentations is to inspire people to examine beliefs that may be holding them back, and live happy and successful lives on their own terms.

I also spent some time with a friend this weekend.  She helped me to retrieve my dog Monty’s body on Saturday.  On Sunday morning, we spent some quality time with the horses, and she wrote a beautiful blog of her experiences out here. We talked a lot about our experiences, and I know that I came to more personal insights and clarity on more nebulous ideas.

I also had the good fortune to be featured on the Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit’s pages yesterday. It’s been an amazing week.

As I seek to find answers, the Universe sends the people that can help me discover them, and it seems that they, too, are finding answers through exploring ideas with me. My dreams of helping others to find inspiration and clarity through my story are unfolding, and I am extremely grateful.