Anatomy of a Powerful Presentation

Communication skills are critical to career and personal success.

Staff with these talents are widely sought after by employers. This introduction to delivering reports that get your point across and value the time of your co-workers will give you the basic skills to present a technical presentation or report.

You will leave this program with a strong basic understanding of how to prepare, practice and present a speech that will engage your audience and get your point across. We will cover the basics of:

  1. Content – organization, what to include and what to leave out
  2. Delivery – vocal variety, gestures, visual aids (creating effective slideshows).

Originally created as a one-hour introductory session for the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta’s Business Challenge, this program has been expanded and is now available in the following formats:

  • keynote presentation – from 20 to 60 minutes in length – you choose
  • a half-day seminar
  • a two day seminar –
    • can be split up into four half-day presentations
    • with or without additional coaching.

Contact us via email at or phone at (403) 601-2500 for further details.