Our department approached Jocelyn Hastie to have her present at our staff education session. As AHS employees we are always interested in understanding the patient’s experience and often do not have access to the unique perspective they can provide.

We found the presentation to be a personal and moving experience that kept us engaged from start to finish. Jocelyn is a talented speaker who motivates the audience with authenticity and bravery. I would recommend this presentation to healthcare workers, patients and the public as it had something for everyone. In particular, those who have experienced serious medical challenges and those who have cared for a loved one faced with significant illness may be inspired by Jocelyn’s story.

Gillian Graham-Radiation Therapy


My time on Celestina Ranch yesterday with Jocelyn and her herd of horses was truly profound. 

Each time I come into contact with horses, not only do they teach me something new, but something shifts within me.

This time as I watched young Fonzie racing around wildly in the ring-pen, I realised he’d come to mirror my son as well as an internal, unruly fiery energy I have within my own psyche.

Jocelyn’s firm, yet compassionate and encouraging manner and the beautiful space she held for the experience to unfold was perfect. Her experience and the close relationship she has with her horses helped to create a safe and loving space.

Transformation happened in the moment that Fonzie stopped, faced me, made eye contact and became calm.

It was this magical dance between the horse and myself, with virtually no words spoken, and yet so much was communicated.

And then Coqueta and Lexi who quietly scanned me and worked on various chakras. After the frenzied action previously, they restored a sense of peace and harmony. This was a special experience and I look forward to future sessions with Jocelyn and her herd. – JK

I learned so much from my experience with you, Colorado and my man Ricky! I’ve made many changes, taken numerous strides outside of my box and feel I am a better person for doing so. Your workshop opened my eyes and presented me with an outlook that has improved my life. My relationships with those important to me have changed and have so much more meaning and love. It would feel great to be able to give back (somehow) and let you help others see the light! Congratulations on your recent accomplishment – you and your team will do well in mentoring others to reach for the sky and make the best of life. – CO

My session with Jocelyn was magical. I thought I was going to talk about something completely different when I sat down with her. Through her honest, insightful questions we were quickly on a topic much different and important that was hidden under my surface chatter. Her quiet strength made me trust her and the horse she partnered with making me feel safe and supported the whole time. It is hard to describe how you just know that no matter what you are not being judged and you will not be let down. That kind of support isn’t always so easily found in life. I can’t wait to be with her again. It won’t be soon enough! – JC

Touched by A Horse ~ Horses Heart~ to me in so many ways I have been touched. I love Rado, I love them all! Truly an incredibly Enlightening Experience. The Cards are so much encouragement & meaning for me on a daily basis as I see how it all works as having experienced the wisdom of Rado..Truly an inspiration to my Heart. It is difficult to express how & Why..But all that matters is they work. Timely, wisdom and it is really cool when you pick a card and say oh i had that one the other day, read it put it back shuffle again pick that same card again, put it back & pick it for the 3rd time..Okay you want to know which card it was ~DETERMINATION~ try that one on..lol Thank you, Jocelyn Hastie, my wonderful, beautiful, DEVOTED Friend! I love you! – LG

Thanks for everything!  It has been a few weeks since our group joined you for a Saturday workshop.  I just wanted to extend my thanks to you for sharing your home, wisdom and beautiful horses with us.  It wasn’t until the next day that I realized what it was that I learned from the horses.  Thanks very much! – LC

“To someone who remembers the song in my heart when I forget the words.”  Thanks to Colorado! – HA

Loved our time together.  Great to see you in your element.  Thank you for welcoming me into your home – and your horses. – LA