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 The ABCs of Delegation

There is no better way to engage employees and improve productivity by using a systematic approach to delegation. Originally created for the National Energy Board’s Community of Practice, this program uncovers the reasons we hesitate to delegate even though we know it would benefit both us and our co-workers. Then, we learn how to choose what tasks and projects to delegate, and to whom.

Presentations 101

The ability to present information to your employer and co-workers is a critical skill. Originally prepared for CPA (Chartered Professional Accountants Association) of Alberta, this program gives you the basics in preparing a presentation that will engage your audience. 

Cutting the Crush of Criticism

  • Do you ever feel crushed by the comments others make to or about you?
  • Do you ever unintentionally offend someone when offering suggestions?

Learn to practice candor with kindness, balancing honesty and empathy.  This program teaches to give and receive feedback in a way that will make it more palatable both for the giver and for the receiver, and help you give and receive the gift of another person’s perspective.

Drawing and Defending Personal Boundaries

This program helps teach us a simple and effective way to:

  • discover where our boundaries are,
  • verbalize them,
  • and defend them when they are breached.