I have spent the last few days informing people what is happening with me.  I have discovered I hate the term “cancer patient” and “cancer victim” even more.  These terms simply do not resonate with who I am.  I don’t kid myself into thinking this is going to be a piece of cake.  The road ahead is not a superhighway, but instead a winding path through the forest or a rutted track across a farmer’s field.  However, I am still moving forward.

I have spent time every day doing some research into what will happen to me.  I am pretty good at slogging through once I know what to expect.  With that said, I know that my energy will have to be directed towards learning whatever it is I have to learn from these invaders that are currently cohabiting with me in this body.  Once the lessons have been absorbed, the invader shall be cordially but firmly directed to the door.

Tomorrow, I head to the Foothills for a PET scan.  There will be another scan and a surgical biopsy in the next few days.  Then we’ll know exactly what we’re up against.  I have a large posse marshalling behind me and I am very grateful.  I look forward to having the knowledge of where I am so that we can measure progress.  And I’m looking ahead to the day when once again, I can live unbridled….