Equine Facilitated Learning

Workshops are our primary focus, but we do provide a variety of other coaching and equine related services.

Jocelyn partners with the horses to present one and two-day workshops on a variety of topics in the personal development field.  Samples of the workshops are provided below.

These workshops are also available at a discounted rate for groups, and can be customized to meet your needs.

Creating Connection

Dates TBA

Developing comfort and confidence around horses
A one-day learning experience
No horse experience necessary

Have you always loved horses and haven’t had an opportunity to interact with them?

  • Would you like to develop your awareness of what horses are communicating to you?
  • Would you like to develop your confidence in handling horses?
  • Would you like to learn about congruency in emotions and actions from the masters?

This workshop provides you with an introduction to safe handling including haltering, grooming, cleaning feet and leading.  This is an excellent opportunity to “get your hands dirty” and interact with gentle and friendly horses in a safe and supportive place. You will also learn about the lessons we have to learn from them – things about herd dynamics and the relationship between predator and prey. You will also have the opportunity to use the powerful Touched By A Horse “wisdom cards” and an equine facilitator to examine self-limiting beliefs if you choose.

Bring your friends for a fun and different escape to the countryside!  We start at 9:30 and end around 4:30. Call for our current schedule, or to create a customized program for your group.

Maximum of 15 participants. $119 includes lunch and a take-away gift. Bring a friend and save $20 each – two tickets for $198.

Intro to Horses


Drop-in Equine Connection Evening at Celestina Ranch

Dates TBA

No horse experience necessary

Beginning in May, we invite you to join us for an evening of pampering.   While you groom and connect with the horses, they will pamper your soul with their very special brand of “pony love”.  Please don’t let fear stop you – we are here to introduce you to gentle horses in a calm and supportive environment.  The evening includes a modest meal, time with the horses and insightful discussion.  Weather permitting, we may even light a bonfire!  We serve sandwiches and salad at 6 and end the formal part of the evening around 9:00. Purchase individual tickets for $20 or packages of six for $100.  Use the tickets for yourself or your friends.

How many?


Who Am I Now??  The Search for Self-Awareness

Dates TBA

A one-day experiential workshop
No horse experience necessary

Changes in our life circumstances may leave us wondering who we are.  Kids grow up, relationships and jobs end.   For many of us, our personal identification has been with the roles we have played rather than the character traits that we have.  Most of us have traits that we’d rather not acknowledge, and this can leave us feeling vulnerable and unworthy.  When we are in the midst of change, our feelings of insecurity may be activated.  We may no longer be able to pretend that we are in control of our world, or our emotions about our world.

Horses live in the moment.  They don’t tell themselves stories about how they should feel, or feel shame or embarassment about their emotions.  They simply are.  If they are afraid, they show it.  They don’t hope that none of the other horses noticed that they spooked over nothing.  They know what they need to make themselves feel safe, and they move towards getting back to grazing.  They never worry about whether the other horses think their butt looks big in that saddle.  They simply deal with the world as it is.

When people interact with horses, we often become much more aware of our emotions and our bodies.  Just being in the presence of these powerful, gentle beings can hold up a mirror for us to see what we may not have ackowledged.  Emotions that we have long put a lid on may come bubbling to the surface.  The horses here have demonstrated a sensitivity to the emotions of the people they work with, and they stand guard over the space we may need to look at and deal with these emotions.

Becoming clear on our own emotions helps us to become a leader that has earned the trust of those we are in any relationship with. Honouring the perspectives of others helps build the relationships that feed our souls. The lessons we learn from these experiences relating to the horses are directly applicable to our relationships with humans, too.

Come play with us and grow your relational skills. You CAN do it, too!

We start at 9:30 and end around 4:30. Maximum of 12 participants.  $150 plus GST includes lunch and a horse related gift.

Who Am I Now??

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