I have been helping some dear friends with their horses. We ride Peruvian Horses – hot-blooded Spanish horses that have a lot of “enthusiasm”. They are very forward-moving horses, and sometimes intimidate riders, especially those that are not used to that kind of energy.

You see, horses never understand that their rider is nervous because of them. They never think that they would be the source of their rider’s anxiety. Horses know only that their rider, their leader, their senior partner, is nervous. A well-trained horse looks to their rider for direction, and horses feel our energy when we ride. When the rider is nervous, the horse picks up on that anxiety, and begins to look for the “monsters under the bed” that are making the rider nervous. This snowball of anxiety is a challenge for both the rider and the horse. The more anxious the rider gets, the more they set off the nervousness of their horse.

Lately, I have been thinking about all the times that my fear gets in my way and pollutes the energy that I could be using to progress towards my own good and my own goals. The times I have a great deal of power surrounding me, waiting to do my bidding, and I squander that power through my fear just as surely as anxiety about a nervous horse ruins what could otherwise be a good ride. When I am fearful, I hold myself back just as surely as my nervousness affects my horseback riding. My support, like my horse, is waiting for me to step forward calmly and peacefully, and let the beauty of the ride unfold.

ADDENDUM: Since I published this yesterday, I have continued to think on the theme and realized there was another way this concept is transferable to humans. Sometimes, I have people in my life who “never know it’s them”. Sometimes, I’ve been that person. When do we continue to repeat patterns in our lives, and fail to become accountable and change the things that allow those patterns to continue? I feel that the cancer diagnosis I had was a symptom of the universe demanding that my patterns change for my own good. I invite you to watch for the times when you don’t know (or won’t acknowledge) that your actions have contributed to a problem. I know I’ll be thinking about that today.

Warm blessings on you all.

Jocelyn Hastie is a professional speaker whose search for stages led her to become the lead organizer of Ignite Foothills, a forum where speakers each have five minutes, with twenty slides advancing every fifteen seconds. Ignite Talks are held all over the world. She is also a certified practitioner of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method.

Originally posted on the shared blog https://womenmoveitforward.wordpress.com 2017/08/07

They Never Know It’s Them