Set yourself free…

Do any of the following statements resonate with you?

  • Sometimes, I don’t know who I am
  • Sometimes I do things that aren’t in keeping with who I am
  • Sometimes I say yes when I’d rather say no
  • Sometimes I let others treat me unfairly
  • I’m often afraid to move forward or feel stuck
  • I’m often sad

I’ve felt that way, too.  I was raised to work hard, climb the corporate ladder and accumulate financial wealth.  Fear and vulnerability were displays of weakness in my family, and I learned to deny them.  This all led to some seriously dysfunctional behaviour as an adult, and a subsequent complete rebuild of my life after some painful soul searching around my 40th birthday.  Through this challenging time, the horses became my emotional support.  I became aware of how naturally they lived “in the moment” and that they never lied to me or to one another, but most importantly, they never lied to themselves.  When a teacher is this big, I listen and I hope you will, too….

I’m learning to unbridle myself. The horses and I invite you to unbridle yourself, too.

I did not create this clip, but I truly love it. Sincere thanks to Liz Sorenson who created this piece of magic and hilarilty. For me, this clip is a definitive statement of understanding and expressing personal boundaries in a clear manner. Bambi, you are my hero!

Here are some comments from people who have experienced this connection with me and my partners:

I learned so much from my experience with you, Colorado and my man Ricky! I’ve made many changes, taken numerous strides outside of my box and feel I am a better person for doing so. Your workshop opened my eyes and presented me with an outlook that has improved my life. My relationships with those important to me have changed and have so much more meaning and love. It would feel great to be able to give back (somehow) and let you help others see the light! Congratulations on your recent accomplishment – you and your team will do well in mentoring others to reach for the sky and make the best of life. – CO

My session with Jocelyn was magical. I thought I was going to talk about something completely different when I sat down with her. Through her honest, insightful questions we were quickly on a topic much different and important that was hidden under my surface chatter. Her quiet strength made me trust her and the horse she partnered with making me feel safe and supported the whole time. It is hard to describe how you just know that no matter what you are not being judged and you will not be let down. That kind of support isn’t always so easily found in life. I can’t wait to be with her again. It won’t be soon enough! – JC

How can you experience this, too?

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