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I recently interviewed a rodeo cowboy who told me a story from early childhood. When he was two or three years old, he wanted to go everywhere with his Dad. One time, he even held his breath until he passed out, trying to convince his Dad to take him along. His dad finally told him, “ If you want to come with me, you need to quit crapping your drawers”. All of a sudden, potty training became very important to him.

What in your life would you like to do and you haven’t yet done? Are you still figuratively “crapping your drawers” rather than making the changes required to move ahead? What can you do today to move in the direction you’re hoping for?

Jocelyn Hastie is a self-admitted late bloomer. She came to discover her love of horses as an adult, and her love of speaking and writing as she neared 60. She is the founder of Unbridled Business Solutions.

Her accounting career ended following diagnosis and treatment of advanced-stage cancer of the tongue base in 2016. She credits her recovery to the love of friends, family, horses and her rural lifestyle.