I have given up on waiting until the New Year to make changes that I know will improve my quality of life.  Instead, some of my past resolutions have been:

  • wear lipstick or lip gloss every day (2009)
  • order the special at a restaurant unless I really don’t like it (2010)
  • learn to ice skate (2011)
  • get a tattoo (2012)
  • learn to ride a motorcycle (2012)
    Ascending Koi Tattoo by Trevor Jameus

    Ascending Koi Tattoo by Trevor Jameus

    Pcking up my motorcycle 2012
    Picking up my motorcycle 2012

These are resolutions that have been easy to keep, but expand my experiences.  Now 2013 is upon me and I am considering my options.  Some options that are appealing to me now are:

  • get my nose pierced
  • take dance lessons – belly, swing, salsa
  • more motorcycle lessons

I still work in the corporate world sometimes, so a pierced nostril and may not be appropriate (but then, when have I ever let appropriateness drive my actions).  It also might hurt, and my tattoo from last year showed me that I am not so big on pain.  Dance lessons sound good and I am on the lookout for a partner.  Got a good lead on where to learn to corner my motorcycle better and more confidently (Karl Meema, I’m counting on you).

Opportunities abound, and I look forward to exploring them with my friends.  What are you doing to expand your horizons this year?  I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting adventures and love to hear what my friends are doing…