I have been giving a lot of thought to the things that allow us to transform.  Three methods in particular stood out for me.

The first is the phoenix that undergoes a major trauma and rises from the ashes.  Some of my friends that have had grievous losses appear to me to be phoenixes.

The second is the butterfly that becomes so uncomfortable in its coccon that it must break free.

The third is the lotus blossom that  undergoing much of its growth in the mud and dirty water before rising in all its beauty.

I feel like I have spent much of my life stumbling and bumbling along, looking for clarity.  Most of the time now, I feel that I am making significant progress in this regard.  I also believe in the power of visualization, so I took the next step in keeping my focus clear with a visit to Ascending Koi Tattoo and Apparel.  Trevor Jameus, you are truly an artist in making my vision real.