I read this on Facebook this morning andreposted it because it struck a chord with me.  As I drank my coffee, I began to ponder this.  As usual, my thoughts turned to the horses.

We have a sacred contract, the horses and I.  I provide feed, water, and medical care when necessary.  When I work with them, I am aware that they are much bigger, stronger and faster than I am, and that I remain safe with them only because they choose to cooperate with me, both on the ground and in the saddle.  I also know that when they challenge my authority, they do it because they are prey animals and need to know that I am taking care of things for them and that they can trust me with their lives.  I am willing to demonstrate to them, repeatedly, that I am worthy of being their leader – that I will keep them safe.

In return, they connect me to my own sense of freedom and power.  There is something truly amazing about having such a powerful animal willing to respond to your requests.  Being with the horses is the closest connection I have to nature, to my own soul.

Riding the motorcycle also gives me a connection to my own personal power and an awareness of my vulnerability.  When I’m on the bike, I am so much more connected to the world than when I travel by car.  I smell the land I’m travelling though when on two wheels – the crops, the freshly mown hay.  When in a car or truck, the only smells I experience are feedlots and dead skunks.  I feel the temperature change when I drop into a valley or climb a hill.  I am also aware on the bike of my vulnerability.  I am at the mercy of other drivers and  road hazards and conditions.  Hitting a bird can be devastating, as can gravel, cars turning left, and not seeing me.  I am as cautious as I can be, and accept the risks in order to feel the wind in my hair.

There are things in life that put us at risk, and those are often the things that make life worth living.  For me, it is not about courting death, but appreciating the joy that comes with accepting measured risks.