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Wisdom of the west

Jocelyn Hastie believes that the secrets to the future may be discovered by looking at the past. She grew up in the city, but moved to the country in her late 20s and still has the passion of the newly converted, even after all these years. Wisdom of the West is a collection of stories and experiences giving us memorable lessons from the land and animals. 

Our society today is less connected than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic and racial tension are tearing the fabric of our society apart. We can learn a different way of showing up in the world by observing nature.

Some of the greatest lessons I ever learned where learned in a riding arena or a pasture. Watching and working with horses has shown me how peace and personal power are connected. The most peaceful horses are those who are curious and content. They are the ones the others want to be near. 

Let me be your mentor.

Unleash your talent through Unbridled Business Solutions Inc.’s custom programs, designed to help you unbridle your brilliance.

Learn to:

  • Draw and defend loving boundaries.
  • Wow your coworkers and managers with your presentation skills.
  • Learn to tactfully give and graciously receive feedback to grow influence and effectiveness.
The following programs are available in keynote, half-day introduction, or multi-day “deep dive” formats.

Survival Skills for Supervisors

Leadership skills are becoming ever more critical in the modern world. Those that stand out are those that move up, and make a difference in the engagement of their teammates.

This program is designed for those who are moving up to a supervisory position or those who are already there, but desire leadership training.

ABCs of Delegation

Delegation is simply the best way to develop the skills of your coworkers (and family).

Learn the basics of a delegation process and framework to select the right people and tasks to increase employee development and engagement.


Cutting the Crush of Criticism

Become  a coach. Learn how to harness the most valuable development tool available – the perceptions of others. Cut the crush of criticism and turn these comments into suggestions.

Available as a custom workshop for corporations and organizations on request.

What Have I Done Lately?

CPA Alberta

Featured speaker delivering Anatomy of a Winning Presentation to the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta Business Challenge contestants on March 8, 2018.

Registered financial literacy volunteer presenter, presented financial literacy basics and understanding financial statements.

Delivered ABCs of Delegation in Brown Bag Lunch series. Will be repeated in January due to popular demand. Link coming soon.

Unexpected Blessings

by Jocelyn - Award winning Toastmasters International Speech with Kevin Wallace, 99.7 Sun Country,

Cutting the Crush of Criticism

Watch the video describing how Cutting the Crush of Criticism can help you deliver and receive feedback more effectively and improve your performance.

“If effective feedback is given to employees on their progress towards their goals, employee performance will improve. People need to know in a timely manner how they’re doing, what’s working, and what’s not.”

– The U.S. Office of Personnel Management 

Wellspring Calgary

Assisted in large fundraising campaign for Wellspring’s Randy O’Dell House by preparing this promotional video and acting as panel member for presentation to philanthropic organizations.

District 42 Toastmasters

Popular keynote speaker and breakout presenter.

2017 “Of the Year” Awards:

  • Toastmaster – High River Club
  • President – Division D
  • Rookie – District 42

2017 Club, Area and Division D Champion in both International Speech and Table Topics Contests.

National Energy Board

Presented ABCs of Delegation to  Women’s Leadership Community of Practice.

“This presentation will have supervisors thinking differently about delegation and letting go of perceived control to actually gain control of the important components of their roles and responsibilities.” – Cheryl Dust, HR Advisor, NEB

Jocelyn Hastie, CPA/CGA

A sought-after international speaker,  Jocelyn delivers powerful keynotes and content-rich workshops and breakout sessions.  With over 30 years of business experience and a plethora of Toastmaster awards, her mission is to help newly minted professionals increase their communication and leadership skills, improving their leadership skills and relationships with coworkers, families and friends.

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Check It Out The best horse trainers are philosophers. Carl Riehl was the first I worked with who helped me to understand how many life lessons I could learn from horses. One of his favourite sayings was, “Check it out.” What he meant was for his...

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Many of us look to our leaders to give us guidance on our behaviour. Sadly, it seems lately that many of our leaders seem to be lacking a moral compass. Some political leaders appear to admire individualism so highly that they make disrespectful or inflammatory...

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I grew up valuing independence. I cherished my ability to do things for myself. I would generally refuse offers of help. Somehow in my mind, I saw this independence as proof of my competence and value as a human being. I didn’t want to owe anyone for my success. When...

Excellence is Always Adequate

Excellence is always adequate. I try not to use the terms “never” and “always”, but in a recent discussion with a friend, I found myself making the statement above. This friend is known for beating herself up and reliving every minor error in her mind over and over....

Candor With Kindness

I had a difficult summer. The company I worked for since 2003 closed down without notice (or severance pay). A week later, the horse that had been my partner in the show ring, EGC coaching and my own journey through advanced stage cancer required me to step up and...