What you resist persists.

Carl Yung’s full quote is ,“what you resist not only persists, but will grow in size.” I have been asked several times recently to help someone in their “fight”, generally against some kind of disease. I find this to be a challenge for me . My journey towards health and healing took a drastic turn when I made the decision that I was more interested in being healed than in killing the cancer I’d been told was in my body.

I was diagnosed with cancer of the right tongue base. I did not want to kill any part of my tongue, but I did want to be declared “NED” – no evidence of disease. I began to study ways that I could find healing for more than just my tongue and lymph nodes. My search led me to various methods, many of which centred around a practice of establishing mindfulness. At the base of  all of this was the concept of acceptance.

As much as I’m able, I am careful not to identify myself as a cancer patient. In fact, I have referred to myself as a “graduate of the school of cancer”. My focus was on learning what I needed to learn the first time around so that the tumours could be released from my experience permanently. My belief was that if I could learn the lessons and heal, this “teaching opportunity” afforded by the disease would not need to be repeated.

I invite you to examine what things you are resisting in your world. Ask yourself what you can do to improve the situation.  If you have lessons to learn, learn them. Then let it go.

For further discussion of this topic, I have found this article to be extremely helpful. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/evolution-the-self/201606/you-only-get-more-what-you-resist-why