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Do you ever struggle to communicate?

  • Do you ever feel crushed by the comments others make to or about you?
  • Do you ever unintentionally offend someone when offering suggestions?
  • Do you struggle to engage your audience when presenting?
  • Do you find it challenging to lead and build skills in your team?

Communication skills are becoming ever more critical in our modern world. We spend so much time tied to our screens that we may be losing the ability to communicate face to face. Unbridled Business Solutions Inc. has developed a series of programs to enhance your speaking and listening skills.

Jocelyn Hastie is the founder of Unbridled. She is an award winning international speaker and a CPA/CGA with over thirty years of business experience. She is a graduate of the “University of Cancer, class of 2014” and lives to share the wisdom gleaned from that experience and others. She speaks from both the mind and the heart, and is dedicated to¬† help her audiences and clients develop the skills to relate better to their coworkers, family and friends.