The Other Side of Feedback

There are lots of programs available that teach you how to prepare and deliver feedback to others. This program delivers a different twist on the concept. Most of us dread not only delivering criticism, but also receiving it.

  • Do you dread sitting down with your family, friends and co-workers to discuss progress, performance and areas for improvement?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable receiving these messages in return?
  • Are there times when you long for messages of appreciation and receive criticism instead?
  • Do some of the compliments you receive leave you feeling empty?
  • Do you sometimes wonder where you stand?

Then this is the workshop for you! During this half-day program, we will uncover many of the reasons why we find receiving feedback painful, and discover new strategies to help us make the most of the learning opportunities presented to us when someone is brave (or rude!) enough to give us some insight into how we are perceived in the world.

Jocelyn Hastie, CGA/CPA became an accounting supervisor at the age of 22. She has had enough time to make, and learn from, many mistakes. The President of High River Toastmasters, she became fascinated by the concept of evaluation and feedback and has undertaken an extensive study of the topic. This workshop is the lovechild of this study.

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