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Summer Speakers’ Series – May 28, 2016

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Gerry Thomas Gallery, 602 11th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta

Registration 5:30 p.m.

Tickets $15

Meet International Inspirational Speaker and Cancer Graduate, Jocelyn Hastie

“I lived most of my life believing that being vulnerable made me appear weak or needy and repelled others.  My recent experience with cancer showed me that people did run when they saw my vulnerability, but they ran towards me instead of away from me.” – Jocelyn Hastie

Jocelyn leads by example – empowering and inspiring those affected by traumatic injury or illness to rise up from their challenges and stride confidently into their authenticity and vulnerability. Whether the trauma is their own, or that of their loved ones, clients or patients, audiences contemplate these concepts during Jocelyn’s signature talk:

A Plus

The 4 “A’s” that put and keep life on track

 Awareness  Acceptance
 Accountability  Appreciation

We’ll explore how these four ideas lead to a fifth “A” that will transform your life.  She will share how facing her mortality shattered her misconceptions about true strength.  She’ll challenge you to:

  • Recognize when independence becomes a curse rather than a blessing, and
  • Discover how to offer, invite and accept support from your loved ones.


Whispers from a Horse’s HeartFront and back of this "Touched by a Horse"(TM) wisdom card

This deck of 52 beautifully illustrated cards started my journey into equine facililitated learning. You will be delighted reading the in-depth, prophetic messages from the horses. What is so different about these card decks, other than their beautiful artwork? The inspiration and guidance that is offered on the cards will encourage you to reflect upon your dreams, desires, and challenges. Every day, just pick a card that appeals to you in that moment and read its message. You will be amazed with just how appropriate the message is to what you are feeling or dealing with. They often provide you with comfort as well as reaffirm your actions and decisions.
Touched by A Horse ~ Horses Heart~ to me in so many ways I have been touched. I love Rado, I love them all! Truly an incredibly Enlightening Experience. The Cards are so much encouragement & meaning for me on a daily basis as I see how it all works as having experienced the wisdom of Rado..Truly an inspiration to my Heart. It is difficult to express how & Why..But all that matters is they work. Timely, wisdom and it is really cool when you pick a card and say oh i had that one the other day, read it put it back shuffle again pick that same card again, put it back & pick it for the 3rd time..Okay you want to know which card it was ~DETERMINATION~ try that one

Priced at $35 plus shipping and GST.


Deciphering Human and Horse Typology

A workbook by Melisa Pearce and Carolyn Fitzpatrick enabling you to “personality type” yourself and your horse, and provide you with tools to work better together.

Priced at $35.00 Cdn ($24.95 USD).  Contact us for shipping details and prices.




Workshops for 2016

Check back soon for additions to our 2016 schedule.

Drop-in Equine Connection Evening at Celestina Ranch

May, June, July, August, September

Beginning in May, we invite you to join us for an evening of pampering.   While you groom and connect with the horses, they will pamper your soul with their very special brand of “pony love”.  The evening includes time with the horses and insightful discussion.  This is followed by a fireside chat, either at the firepit or the fireplace!   Purchase individual tickets in advance for $30 or packages of four for $100.  Use the tickets for yourself or your friends.  What a great way to wind down from the work week and prepare for the weekend!

Unbridled – Creating Opportunity from Adversity


In June of 2014, I was diagnosed with stage four cancer in the right tongue base with metastasis to the lymph nodes of the neck. I underwent a partial neck dissection, 33 daily radiation treatments and five weekly chemotherapy treatments last fall. Unable to eat, I was fed by a nasal gastric tube for over two months, and predictably lost weight and muscle mass. Radiation treatments made it difficult to speak, chemotherapy made it difficult to hear, and I became physically weak, and mentally and emotionally exhausted.

While receiving these seemingly intolerable treatments, I realized that I did not have the energy to use the “warrior” methods of coping with challenges that I had learned and practiced throughout most of my life. I needed to find a new way to wage this war – to embrace the teachings contained within this horribly frightening situation and travel down paths that seemed difficult or even impossible at first.  Entering into a more intimate relationship with my body and soul, the lessons I learned improved my life. I hope that sharing my story will inspire you to uncover your courage and unbridle yourself from feelings of  powerlessness in your own life.

Join me as I share the unexpected gifts that my diagnosis and treatment gave me in understanding my responsibility for my own health, personal boundaries and redefining courage, convictions and alignment with personal purpose.


Introduction to Horses as Teachers


Learn the basics of being safe and comfortable around horses in this one-day experiential workshop.  Learn to halter and groom a horse.  If you’re afraid, you have an opportunity to confront that fear in a safe and supportive environment.  Learn about herd dynamics and body language.  You may come away with some surprising nsight into communication and community in addition to some knowledge about horses.  Bring your curiousity and adventurous spirit!!

Springtime sale price of $125 includes lunch and a take-away gift.

Who Am I Now???


Self-awareness has been compared to peeling an onion – the more layers we remove, the closer we get to the heart.  The journey is everlasting for us, but the horses have it all figured out.  They live in the now, and they do what they have to do to get their needs met.  They live in authenticity every minute of every day – just being around them can bring peace to a human.  Come join us in exploring yourself and discovering your wants and needs – and some of the ways you can get them met.

One of the common thought patterns that can really get in the way are the stories we’ve accepted about ourselves without questioning their validity.  These self-limiting beliefs can get in the way of our progress.  Another pattern could be projection – where we attribute some part of ourselves we may not be proud of to someone else.  I frequently see self-confident women as bold, bossy or brash.  I’ve come to realize that those perceptions could be coloured by my opinion of myself…

Come explore these topics and many others with the help of our four-legged friends.

Springtime sale price of $150 includes lunch and a take-away gift.

Unbridled Custom Workshop

This half-day workshop can be customized to suit your group of up to 15 individuals.  Topics to choose from include:

  • Self-awareness and authenticity
  • Setting (and defending) healthy boundaries
  • Uncovering courage
  • Dealing with grief

Springtime sale price (including horses and horse handlers) is $750 for a half-day.  Book a full day f or $1,250 and lunch is on us!

Custom Workshops

Unbridled Equine Faciliated Coaching Package

This 12 week individual coaching package includes six weekly half-hour sessions by telephone or Skype calls plus two ninety minute coaching sessions with Jocelyn and an equine co-facilitator at Celestina Ranch. Special limited time bonus – free attendance at two Equine Connection evenings! Priced at $600 plus GST.


Please check back as more workshop dates will be set soon.


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