Create Candor With Kindness

Balance honesty with empathy

Lift people, performance and profits by creating a culture of candor and cutting the crush of criticism.

Do you ever feel devastated by feedback? Do you fear offering feedback might make you look cruel? Learn to create a climate where candor and kindness meet to help team members help one another through sharing feedback.

Learn to enhance communication with a few simple tools.

This program is intended for working teams in a corporate or service organization setting. The concepts are delivered on-site at your business in your choice of format:

  • Keynote presentation or lunch ‘n’ learn.
  • Silver Package: Half day introductory workshop
  • Gold Package: Series of four half-day exploratory sessions
  • Platinum Package: Series of four half-day exploratory sessions and private coaching

Special introductory offers for the summer and fall of 2017. Contact us for further information at (403) 601-2500 or email

I began working in the energy industry while still in my teens. I took accounting courses at night and became an accounts payable supervisor at the age of 22. I was a good manager, but a poor excuse for a leader. I began studying this area to improve my skills. I’ve now been at it for long enough to have had a few exemplary managers who have modeled leadership skills, and to have learned from many of the mistakes I’ve made over time. I have also enlisted several very large instructors that are hard to ignore – my horses!

My vision for many years was to become a leader that truly made a difference in the lives of my co-workers. My vision now is to model and share the skills I have learned to make the world a better place for team leads and the people that report to them. As communication skills improve, self confidence and connection is developed. I am committed to creating keynotes and workshops that help me fulfill that vision.

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