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Contact - Niño Rey at one year old

Contact – Niño Rey at one year old

Horses allow us to strap leather to them, put metal in their mouths and carry our weight on their backs – generally without complaining too strenuously about what we ask them to do.  In return, they ask that we feed, water and care for them.  They do not lay guilt trips on us when we are too busy to spend time with them.  They are willing to work for us in the round pen at liberty if we have given them a reason to accept our requests.  They are willing to follow us if we have earned their trust in us to lead them by keeping them safe.  My goal is to earn that trust every time I interact with them.  And this has spilled over into my relationships with people.  Others may not share my opinions, but that does not make their opinions and perceptions less valid than mine.  I strive every day to remember these things.  And that is just part of the gift I’ve been given and want to share.

No horse experience required

Our programs are not riding lessons.  What we can learn from the horses is to live authentically in the moment.  To show up as who we truly are, rather than what we think others expect us to be.   To do this, riding is seldom required.  The best partnerships are forged on the ground, not in the saddle.  Interacting with horses gives us the opportunity to look at the world from someone else’s perspective – and that is a skill that is transferable to our lives away from the sanctuary of the ranch.

Afraid of horses?  Lucky you!

If you are afraid of horses, this is an ideal place to face your fears safely.  Facing our fears in a safe and supportive environment gives us practice in stepping through fear into courage.  The more comfortable we can become with discomfort, the more of life we will be able to experience.

Love horses?  Lucky you!

If you are a “horse crazy teenager” at heart, you’ll fit right in.  Our horses are happy to spend time with people that appreciate how majestic and wise they are.

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