ABCs of Delegation

Do you hesitate to delegate?

  • Are you entrusted with projects and tasks that you simply can’t complete on your own?
  • Are you expected to develop the talent of your co-workers and know there has to be a better way?

Effective delegation is an important skill that enriches and engages employees. In this program, you will learn why we hesitate to delegate and how to do it effectively, and grow your coworkers skills gradually and naturally.

Many of us become supervisors due to our technical skills, and find ourselves struggling to meet the demands of these roles. Delegation is one of the most powerful, and trickiest, of supervisory skills. 

Jocelyn presented the concept of clearly defining the level of authority at the onset of assignment in a user friendly, memorable format A, B, C. She is experienced in handling the audience and open to share her experiences. This presentation will have supervisors thinking differently about delegation and letting go of perceived control to actually gain control of the important components of their roles and responsibilities.

Cheryl Dust

HR Advisor, National Energy Board, Leadership Community of Practice

 This program was originally created for the National Energy Board’s Women’s Community of Leadership as a half-hour keynote, and has been expanded due to popular demand. It is now available in the following formats:

  • keynote presentation – from 20 to 60 minutes in length – you choose
  • a half-day seminar
  • a two day seminar:
    • can be split up into four half-day presentations
    • can include additional coaching.

Contact us via email at or phone at (403) 601-2500 for further details.